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About the Observatory

The observatory was built when Jim got tired of setting up his 12 inch (305 mm) Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.  Taking it down was even worse.  So he built a permanent structure.  Check these photos and comments to see how it was done

viewing platformThis is the view from the deck that separates the house from the observatory.  This deck doubles as a viewing platform for the secondary telescopes, and is an excellent place to count meteors on those meteor nights of interest.


Where We Are

The observatory is located in Gillard's Cove, on South Twillingate Island


What We Have

The Telescope

The primary telescope is a Meade LX200 12" Schmidt-Cassegrain.  One of the nice things about  this telescope is the "goto" feature. There is a datebase of over 64,000 targets in the keypad and entering the coordinates of an object will persuade the telescope to point at and track that object.

The Accesssories

Above is a look at the eyepieces and other accessories we use with the Meade telescope.  Taking pride of place is the recently acquired William Optics binoviewer eyepiece (which is threatening to render all our other eyepieces obsolete...) .  We also have an off-axis solar filter for observing sunspot activity when it is sunny.

Our newest addition

Coronado SolarMax telescope

Coronado SolarMax telescope

The Coronado SolarMax II solar telescope

90 mm telescope
This is the 90 mm telescope.

The secondary telescopes are

  • 90 mm Meade Maksutov
  • 100 mm Meade Maksutov
  • 200 mm NewStar Dobsonian

Rounding out the optical aids is a variety of binoculars ranging from 7x35 to 10x40